SOUND ELIXIRS Volume II Now Available

Sound Elixirs Vol. II: Piano - Potions for Joy Cover Art

The second volume in the Sound Elixirs series is available. Sound Elixirs, Vol. II: Piano - Potions for Joy released on 11 October, 2012 focuses on expressing all the subtle  shades of the positive force of Joy. "As I was putting these compositions together for this album it struck me how many different characteristics a single emotion can have. Joy is often thought of as, well just joy, but depending on the environment, circumstances, conditions and all those little things that surround a particular moment, there are all these flavors. Joy can have tones that are quiet, jovial, tender, exuberant or simply satisfying. That's what this volume of sound shaping is all about; creating an offering of Joy in many of it's varied hues."

Like the first volume in the Sound Elixir series, Potions for Joy is rendered through the piano as will be the third volume. Brad's intention is to bring to you the listener an experience which evokes an atmosphere of Joy in order that such a positive influence being easily and readily available and accessible may shift the mental environment toward a more beneficial direction. "As I mentioned in regard to the first volume, if anyone can receive some benefit or relief from all the disturbing thoughts and emotions arising due to so many challenges and difficulties that we face each and every day, then it certainly is good."

Brad thanks you for taking the time to read these words and for purchasing the music. It's through your support that this work will continue for many years to come. "May you have happiness and the causes of happiness always."

"Enjoy the music!"

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