Brad Vanlandingham - Brad Vanlandingham

Brad Vanlandingham is a child of a family of talented singers and musicians. He began playing piano and composing around the age of four. With a formal classical and jazz education while growing up amid the roots of Americana religious folk hymns, his compositions tell a story, expressing human emotions in an affecting and direct way that speaks to the heart.

Brad's life has been a continuous exploration focused on clarifying intention and motivation in relation to the whole of human experience. "I have a single aim. Every thought, word and activity in every way is born, developed, produced and expressed from that aim and dedicated to the fulfillment of that aim. The aim is to benefit others in anyway I possibly can."

The SOUND ELIXIRS series is a facet of Brad's commitment to that aim. Each volume in the Sound Elixirs series focuses on conveying a single constructive influence for the sole purpose of invoking, generating and cultivating in the listener a helpful and beneficial state of mind in order to ease the effects of afflicting thoughts and disturbing emotions.

"Stress, worries, fears, all these and more are conditions and causes of such horrible sufferings which only lead to more suffering for ourselves and others. If even a single person can receive any benefit, any relief from such disturbing and afflicting thoughts and emotions for even a moment, that moment can grow into more moments; maybe then their life and everyone's life can be a little better. This human existence is precious. So if I can contribute some influence of calming, joy, compassion, strength or other positive qualities through music, then it can be really meaningful."

Brad has had the tremendous fortune to work with and learn from many well known and talented artists through out his life.  "Learning, growing, expanding, exploring the wonder and substance of life and Human existence is in every way a precious and beautiful gift to really appreciate.  What better way to discover the depths of such a gift than to be with, share with and give to others. Creating music is a way to give some good and positive influence to anyone listening."

The first volume in the SOUND ELIXIRS series is centered on the calming influence. "Let's start there. Calming. Give the mind some calming influence, a break from all the mind noise and maybe with a bit of calming influence we can see things more clearly, reasonably and give ourselves and each other some space; space to make a better decision, to be more kind, patient, or space to calm down and just not yell at the dog. You know? A little calming can really change everything."

"Enjoy the music!"

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